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September 2006
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Link to postPosted: Sat Sep 23, 2006 7:01 pmPost subject: September 2006 Reply with quote

In this issue:
  • New releases available: Marvin 4.1, New Calculator Plugins, Instant JChem & and how to get the license keys
  • What to watch out for...: upcoming JChem 3.2 release
  • 2006 ChemAxon User Group Meeting: Academic Package people present & mark your calendars for Budapest June 2007
  • Resources: Print out our AcPack poster and post it on your department noticeboard
  • Housekeeping: Update your application - add ChemAxon cited articles - you need this to refresh your research license!
  • Who wants to review software for JCIM
>>New releases available

Marvin 4.1 - more features, new Calculator Plugins download Marvin 4.1.
  • New features:
    • More formatting features for making journal ready figures including Journal templates
    • Multi-page documents
    • .Net and ActiveX support
    • Integration between MarvinSketch and MarvinSpace - call property predictions from MarvinSketch and view results on 3D surfaces in MarvinSpace, view PDB and Cube macromolecules in MarvinSpace and edit ligands in MarvinSketch
    • Major advances in MarvinSpace like the addition of ribbon representation of protein secondary structures, high resolution image export, new coloring types, enhanced selection tools and much more
      Full list of new features
  • New plugins: - see the links for more info or just download the latest Marvin, get the keys and try them out.
Instant JChem - Desktop application to manage, search and predict properties of your structure collection - more information and download.

Getting the latest keys - to access the latest license key listing see this link. You will need to be logged in to visit the Acpack only area.
If you cannot recall your login details visit this link and give your registration email address. An email containing your username and newly created password will be emailed to you.

>>Watch out for

JChem 3.2 - expected September/October
  • New GUI's for Reactor and Standardizer
  • Maximum Common Substructure clustering and an interactive GUI - cluster 100,000 within few hours on your desktop, online demo here
  • New Markush handling and search features
  • ...the usual improvements, new format supports, bugfixes etc
>>2006 User Group Meeting - Academic Package presentationsMark your calendars- ChemAxon User Group Meeting, Budapest Hungary - June 2007.
Scientific & technical presentations, developer workshops, non stop social event


New AcPack listing page to go online - really - check what you are saying about you
We are adding a new listing page of academic package users to our new site (under test). Check your listing here, to update - see below for help

Adding Articles and updating your AcPack application - for research you need to add cited articles to renew the license
We really want to see the articles where you have cited us in -can you update you application with this information. Notice for those with Acpack licenses for research - you do need to generate articles which cite us in order to renew the license beyond the 2 years provided at the start. For help in how to cite us, see this citing guidance. Do update any other details - like aims and contact info - remember some of your application is available publically.

To update or modify your application/license
visit this link and login. If you cannot remember your login details visit this link and provide the email address used to register, a new password will be mailed to you.

'Print me and pin-up' to support the Academic Package
Please download and print out this poster(.pdf) and pin it up in your department notice board. Spread the word


Review ChemAxon toolkits for JCIM software review
We have been asked by the editors if we can interest any of our Academic Package users to review ChemAxon toolkits for the Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling (formerly the Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences). If this would be good for you please contact me (
This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.
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