Copy single structure, paste into Powerpoint as Image

User 8139ea8dbd

01-11-2012 05:24:10

I have  Structure Display > Color Scheme set to Monochrome in Excel.

Copy a single structure as Structure, paste into PowerPoint as Image, I don't get the monochrome structure image, but get a group-colored image.

A few issues I reported were related to monochrome structure display.  This was b/c patent filing only takes monochrome structures.  So people draw the structures in Excel in monochrome, then copy paste into Word doc, it would be nice the image can stay as monochrome.  It is excellent that OLE paste preserves the monochrome style.

User 8139ea8dbd

01-11-2012 05:27:00

Take one monochrome structure in Excel, copy as Marvin OLE. Paste it into Word/PowerPoint, shown as monochrome correctly.  Once I double click to edit and update, it turns into color.

If it is difficult to fix this one, I think we can live without it. One has to change Color to monochrome in the Marvin Editor before update.

User 8139ea8dbd

01-11-2012 05:35:09

I am withdrawing this one, I think the slow performance is due to the fact that I work through Remote Desktop. Somehow OLE conversion is extremely slow through RDP.  I tried it on the local computer today, and the performance is somewhat slow, but quite acceptable.  So please ignore this post.

Copy multiple monochrome structures as Marvin OLE. I tried 3 structures, took about 10 seconds each for the copy to finish.  I then selected 4 structures, and copied as OLE, the same, 10 seconds each, 40 seconds to finish the copy.  Paste into Word, got an image, but each structure has a black border, unlike the image shown in the user manual page 36, where there is no border. See attachment.

User 8139ea8dbd

01-11-2012 05:47:05

Copy two monochrome structures as ChemAxon Format, paste into Word, looks fine.  Double click on first one to edit, add a methyl group, update, I get a much bigger color structure.

User 8139ea8dbd

01-11-2012 06:11:46

PDF manual, page 39:

Formatting properties:
The "Copy to Clipboard Shapes and Cell Values"

I don't see the "Copy to Clipboard Shapes and Cell Values" menu option in the latest version. I guess this is text from prior versions, probably the document needs to be updated? Thanks.

User 8139ea8dbd

01-11-2012 06:51:50

I am withdrawing this one, I think the distortion is due to the fact that I work through Remote Desktop.  I try it on the local computer today and EMF looks fine.  So please ignore this post.

Copy Multiple Structures and Values > ChemAxon Format, paste into Word/PowerPoint as OLE, looks fine (left), but paste as EMF (right), the structure is distorted horizontally.

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

02-11-2012 18:24:43

Hi Yingyao,


many thanks for these reports. I am trying to reply them:

1. Monochrom, yes, initially the OLE gets an EMF shape afterwards when you go to edit mode the current Marvin infrastructure does not handle this because the local settings I think overwrites the data coming from Excel.

But I will double check this with the Marvin team how we need to improve this. I think recently we had this topic to preserve the drawing style inside the editor as well ... But the conclusion I am not sure that could go into 5.11 of Marvin yet.


2. this user guide seems to be ok to me.

1.Select some structures and some other data (e.g.: LogP, Water
Solubility, MOLFORMULA, MOLWEIGHT) on a worksheet.
2.Copy them to the clipboard by using the Copy and Paste|Multiple
Structures and Values|Copy As ChemAxon Format context menu.

this looks also correct.


3. The structure distortion is strange to me, so far I did not perceive this at all, we have to test this stuff again.

I am registerring this issue for the 5.11.4 patch along with removing the OLE shape border after the conversion in-palce in Excel.



User 8139ea8dbd

02-11-2012 18:27:33

Hi, Viktor

Regarding the 3rd point, EMF Distortion is due to using J4X through Windows Remote Desktop. It is fine when work on a local computer, so we can ignore that one.

User 8139ea8dbd

02-11-2012 18:31:55

Regarding Point 2. If you select multiple structures, Copy as OLE, then Ctrl-V paste into Word, the structures all have black borders.  But in the user guide page 36, in the snapshot you use, there is no black border, so I was saying the behavior is different.  However, I know we can just change the border style in Word to no border. So I would make a big deal out of it now.  You can ignore that, if you like. Thanks  

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

02-11-2012 19:37:15

I think what you are referring to here (without border) is a specific and different Micsrosoft solution for copying OLE objects, this is areally unique since they kept in the portfolio (some of them are missign from the 2006 version). So this is a compound clipboard format and this is different from how the OLE objects are handling in the new applciation.


The default is that (you can try it out) that the OLE shapes are inserted with border.

But if you check the ToImage and TO marvin OLE shapes functionalities in JChem for Excel:

Images are generated without border.
OLE shapes are generated with border.

The reason why we kept this distinction is because Excel does the same:

If you try out inserting an image from the Insert menu or an OLE object Excel inserts the image wihtout border and inserts OLE with black border.


But not sure that we have to follow this any longer, we can synchronize the inplace conversion in JChemExcel to generate both types without border.

for 5.11.4 patch I registerred a task for this, what do you think?


User 8139ea8dbd

02-11-2012 20:51:31

I don't think people are interested in perserving the black borders (it makes things look quite ugly, espeically when you have mutliple structures of different border box sizes.  I will think borderless works better as a default.

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

02-11-2012 20:53:42

OK, thanks, I will fix this if it is not risky for 5.11.4.