JCHEM for Excel installation issue (no vertical toolbar)

User b0828cb32f

10-10-2012 18:25:08

Hello All:

Short story:

JCHEM for Excel vertical toolbar does not appear in Excel 2003 after installation using JChem_For_Excel_5.11.1.781.exe installer. 

Long story:

I installed JCHEM for Excel once before in Sept 2011.  I reinstalled it today with new licenses.  Installation went with no hitch.  However, the vertical toolbar does not appear.  I have gone through Add-In's/Automation and selected for the specified JCHEMExcel.Functions which are listed under functions but I still don't have the vertical toolbar.

What should I do? 


Dennis Sprous

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

10-10-2012 18:55:40

Hi Dennis,

could you please give me logs by this way:


And also my question would be if you can see the menu bar or context menu and what does appear only is the toolbar?


User b0828cb32f

10-10-2012 20:01:32

Dear Victor:

As per instructions, I have attached my log files. 

As per question "would be if you can see the menu bar or context menu and what does appear only is the toolbar?", I have attached an image of my Excel window which show what I believe to be a fairly standard Excel toolbar.  The CeuticalSoft layer is acces to some custom macros I used in a past life. 

This worked in Sept 2011 so I assume it is some setting I have toggled wrong since then. 

-- Dennis

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

10-10-2012 20:30:28



admin guide: 


however in Office 2003 it is different because re-enabling the addin can only be done in the About menu of Excel applciation. 



User b0828cb32f

10-10-2012 21:03:49

That resolved the problem. This chain can be filed as resolved. 

Many thanks.