JChem for excel in calc

User 25a5055630

29-09-2012 21:52:59

Hi there!

I have a silly question... Is there a way that the jchem for excel addon works in calc from libreoffice? Or a linux version of it?


I'm ready for the no, but I would appreciate any info if there is a project running about it for example.




ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

29-09-2012 22:44:03

Hi Arturo,

I think a question is never silly.

I am afraid that JChem4XL project supports only the Micosoft platform at the moment.

Supporting Mac is themost frequent question that is coming in. We do not plan to support other platforms right now. On a virtual machine you can make it available.

If you only need our calculations plugin it is absolutely available on all platforms as our full java API.



User 25a5055630

29-09-2012 23:04:04

Hi Viktor,


That was a really fast answer! Many thanks for the info. I am on my way to linux and it is a bit hard to find the same functionality as in windows for us chemists. However I find Marvin the best drawing app for the moment and thats already something :)





ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

01-10-2012 07:30:20

Thank you I will let the PO of Marvin team know about your positive opinion.

Please tell us what you or your team need, Marvin, Calculations and so on and the POs will suggest you a package.