Error using Add/Edit to enter ID Assignment of structure

User c1ce6b3d19

25-07-2012 01:01:33

It is a bit hard to reproduce.

Open a new Excel spreadsheet.

click any cell.  Select Add/Edit from the JChem Ribbon.  Enter Benzene. Click ok.  

The image of Benzene appears in the cell.  

Double click on the cell.  This will change the words in the cell to something like  =JCSYSStructure("374DCB9285D3B4DDDCF85BA3F4AE72C5")

In the window that opens (for example titled "Sheet 1" in Book 1) change the ID assignment by typing anything in the field or using the dropdown to select "name".  Click Ok.

The following erorr will appear and some or all of theimages will dissappear.  


Could not open structure editor!


Exception: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException

Message: Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A03EC

StackTrace:    at ChemAxon.JChemExcel.COMShim.AppControlCallbackClass.BeginUpdate(String WorkbookName, String WorksheetName)

   at ChemAxon.JChemExcel.Excel.BaseExcelApplicationAdapter.†††

††††‡Œ(Object , Object , Object )

   at ChemAxon.JChemExcel.Excel.BaseExcelApplicationAdapter.BeginUpdate(String workbookName, String worksheetName)

   at ChemAxon.JChemExcel.Actions.AddEditStructureSingleCellAction.†††

†††ˆˆ™(Object , Object , Object )

   at ChemAxon.JChemExcel.Actions.AddEditStructureSingleCellAction.ExecuteAsynchron()


User c1ce6b3d19

25-07-2012 01:03:33

The workaround seems to use the Add/Edit button or the  Editor Pane instead of double clicking in the cell o open the Add/Edit Panel.

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

25-07-2012 07:21:29

Hi Jon,


this isa known issue by us, the problem is that double click event is canceled by a concurent addin ChemDraw for Excel, if you disable this addin temporary whilst using our addin this will neve come.

ChemDraw for Excel is more aggressive in handling the COM (Office) events and it thinks that no other addins are present and want to use the event for getting information about Excel what happens inside.

Obvously we (JChem) also cancel this event but before doing that we make sure that the user double clicked on our own cell (=JCSystructure(hash)) ChemDraw does this in all cases even the cell does not contain any ChemDraw for Excel data.