Export error message

ChemAxon 0265132c1a

04-07-2012 09:23:26


I have been able to export an excel spread sheet with a single column
of structures and other with associated data to an sd file using the
export feature.  However today when I tried i got an error message

"could not set source worksheet"

The details of the message are here:


Exception: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException
Message: Application-defined or object-defined error
sriSheetRangeIndex, Object& formulas)
   at ChemAxon.JChemExcel.Excel.BaseExcelApplicationAdapter.GetRangeFormulas(WorkbookRangeIndex workbookRangeIndex)
   at ChemAxon.JChemExcel.Base.ExcelMapper.ExcelOutMapper.†††
††††š˜(Object , Object )
   at ChemAxon.JChemExcel.Base.ExcelMapper.ExcelOutMapper.GetWorksheetMetaData()
   at ChemAxon.JChemExcel.Base.ExcelMapper.ExcelOutMapper.OnWorkbookOrWorksheetNameChanged()
   at ChemAxon.JChemExcel.Base.ExcelMapper.ExcelOutMapper.set_WorksheetName(String value)
   at ChemAxon.JChemExcel.IO.ExportFileModel.†††
†††ˆŽ•(Object , Object )
   at ChemAxon.JChemExcel.IO.ExportFileModel.SetWorksheetError()
   at ChemAxon.JChemExcel.IO.ExportFileModel.set_SelectedWorksheetName(String value)
   at ChemAxon.JChemExcel.IO.ExportFilePresenter.†††
†††ˆ˜(Object , Object )
   at ChemAxon.JChemExcel.IO.ExportFilePresenter.WorksheetNameChanged()

What is my problem and how to fix?  Thanks

Bruce Kovacs

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

04-07-2012 09:30:16

Yes, I contacted Bruce yesterday and today all the testers try to reproduce the problem, but we could not.

I sent back the SDF I managed to export from the spreadsheet to Bruce.

Thanks Janos,