JChem for excel stopped working after installing MarvinBeans

User acda265f39

09-06-2012 10:02:26

I´ve a academic licens for JChem for excel. But when I installed the MarvinBeans on the computer JChem for Excel stopped working. When I press on the symbols for example: Smile to structure. Then, nothing happends and the symbol becomes grey and I cant press it again. Do you know the reason for that? Should I maybe re-install the program and then put in the academic license file again? This happened immediately after installing MarvinBeans before the installation it worked perfectly.
Nemanja Stanisic

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

09-06-2012 10:53:38


could you please remove Chemaxon products and try to reinstall them using the same version.

e.g 5.9.4 JChemExcel and Marvin Beans.