#NAME? show up

User d032b79802

14-05-2012 19:02:07


MarvinSketch .Net 5.9.3

x86 Win 7 6.1

I open a workbook with VBAs from a folder and can fill cells with structures without problem. I also have a Visual Basic 2010 Express Project, where I open the same workbook from the sam folder. When I try to enter a structure I see the structure but also the sign #NAMWE?.

Then I open the "Option from the Excel and click  "Add-Ins". I open "Excel Add-Ins" with "go" and go to automation and check "JChemExcel Functions", after "OK" I see a message "A file named 'JChemExcel.Functions' already exists in location. Do you want to replace it?" I check "yes" and the #NAME? disappears after the next structure.

If I check "No" then the error remains. I have removed JChem4Excel and loaded it again, the same error is visible.

How can I start to tackle this problem?


Thank you for your advice in advance.

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

14-05-2012 19:29:43

Hi Peter,

please follow these:




User d032b79802

14-05-2012 20:07:56

Hi Viktor,

thank you for the fast reply.  After following the advices after opening the files via the VB project no error displayed. Then I saved the file and reopened it via the VB project again, the error #NAME? came up again. Remember, when I open the file from the folder directly, everything is working fine.

It might look like it has something to do with the VB project?

I could give you the code to open the Excel file via the VB project.




ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

14-05-2012 20:15:01

Hi Peter,

you can send me the template with the code directly to my mail address as well as the file you would like to open. It would be nice if you the did not contain confidential data.

[email protected]

Thank you,