Isis for Excel structures not recognized in JChem for Excel

User b8f31290e7

03-04-2012 13:58:29

When I launch an.xlsx file that contains structures imported using Isis for Excel, JChem for Excel does not recognize the structures.  Other than exporting the .xlsx file as a .sdf file and reimporting using JChem for Excel, is there a way to get JChem for Excel to recognize these structures directly upon opening the .xlsx file?

I am using Microsoft Excel 2007 for Window XP SP3; Marvin Sketch 5.9.0_b25 and JChem for Excel

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

04-04-2012 08:24:38

Hi Mark,


this is a known issue in 5.9.0 we would like to cure in the next upcoming patch 5.9.1. Sorry for the broken functionality we are fixing this ASAP.

Please check:  Version: 5.9.1



User 37c69cc8fe

17-04-2012 10:40:18

I have upgraded to JC4XL and still don't see structures in an ISIS for Excel sheet. I am using Office 2010 on Win 7.In case it matters, the file in question happens to be in Excel 2003 format (.xls).

As a test, could I edit the following cell to point to the correct JC library:

'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\LIBRARY\isisExcel.xla'!ISISExcel_StructureLink3("LD9XVL")

The reference to the structure data should remain the same of course but could I change "isisExcel.xla" with something just to see if the structure could be read at all?

ChemAxon eb65a25631

17-04-2012 11:21:47


If you see this:

'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\LIBRARY\isisExcel.xla'!ISISExcel_StructureLink3("LD9XVL")

in the cell, it means you don't have isis for Excel (correctly)installed on your machine.

Altough, it is not needed in our case.

You should convert an isis workbook to a JChemExcel workbook in order to see the structures using JChemExcel.

If you installed JChemExcel, there is a custom action that can be added to the JChem tab:

You can get information about adding this function here:

This way you should be able to convert isis structures to JChemExcel structures and see them in the workbook.




User 37c69cc8fe

17-04-2012 11:59:50


I mapped the "ConvertISISToJC4XLAction" to a new button and it worked perfectly. Thanks for the help. I don't have ISIS4XL on this computer that's why the JChem solution is so attractive.

Btw, the procedure to add this button could be a bit challenging for the average user, even considering the nice documentation. Have you considered making customization even easier? [I didn't bother check if this has already been suggested.]



User b8f31290e7

17-04-2012 12:32:54

I have downloaded release 5.9.2 but this didn't resolve the issue.  Also the option of converting my files to JChem format is not feasible since I have many Office 2003 documents.

ChemAxon eb65a25631

17-04-2012 13:11:14


Indeed, it is a bit complicated. There are plans on creating an admin tool that helps customizing the Ribbon.

This functionality was a custom request, and it was considered to be managed and deployed by IT administrators.

It might be proposed into the default actions in the future, but it hasn't been considered yet.


Manfredi: JChemExcel does not handles isis structures. It is only able to work with JChemExcel workbooks.

The only way to handle isis structures with JC4XL is to convert them to JChemExcel structures using ConvertISISToJC4XLAction action.

There is also a command line tool:

you can experiment with it for conversion in batches. (Altough currently it is a developer release.)


User b8f31290e7

18-04-2012 15:21:15

I added the action to my ribbon to convert the Isis for Excel structures however when I try to convert structures in an Office 2007 worksheet I see this error: 

Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.

ChemAxon eb65a25631

18-04-2012 16:27:48

Do you still have the 5.9.2 installation?

Is there any structure visible on the converted workbook?

Are there other workbooks that converted successfully?

User b8f31290e7

19-04-2012 17:09:41

Yes, I still have the 5.9.2 installation.

Yes, there are strucutres visible in the worksheet.  If you double-click them, IsisDraw opens.

I have not had any 2007 workbooks convert successfully.  I did try it on a 2003 workbook.  I did not see the error and it indicated it was converted successfully.  However when I opened it the structures weren't recoginzed.  This is what I expected based on the fact it indicates this does not work with 2003 workbooks.  I thought it was interesting that I did not see the error with this format.

I've also seen this error: "The name of the sheet is invalid: _isisStructSheet" although the sheet was named "Sheet1".

ChemAxon eb65a25631

20-04-2012 06:59:07

In this case could you send us the JChemExcel log files?


Contents if the directory:

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\{CURRENT USER}\Application Data\ChemAxon\JChem for Excel

Windows Vista or above: C:\Users\{CURRENT USER}\AppData\Roaming\ChemAxon\JChem for Excel


Also, could you create and send some example isis workbook that were failed to convert?