Import from file - file filter not retained between uses

User 80c35730b2

08-12-2011 11:27:56

When you import a file and select a file type filter such as "MDL SD and RD Files (*.sdf, *.rdf)" and then later attempt to import a new file, the file type filter is reset to "All files (*.*)"

This turns out to be very inconvient as you typically import many files of the same type even when in a directory containg many other types of file. Instead you have to repeatedly reset the filter.

Why not preserved the file filter between invocations? (you retain which directory was last used which is useful) 

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

08-12-2011 11:39:23

Thanks for your feedback, it is very useful.

What solution would be the preferable for you?

1. Lets put it into option where you could specify your preference, what file format would be the default.

2. Should we simply apply the last used one.

3. Should we count statistics around the mostly used fileformats by a specific user and drop the best one on his/her tatse


Please have a look at the export functionlaity there we alrady have such a feature implemented.



User 80c35730b2

08-12-2011 12:00:43

Option 2 is standard in just about all Windows software produced by Microsoft.

The user is in control here and should know what filter was applied and would be expected to make the choice when to change it. 99% of teh time the same file type would be accessed. Keep it simple :)

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

08-12-2011 12:28:25

Thanks Tony. trying to go for that then.

User 80c35730b2

08-12-2011 12:33:15

Thanks for the prompt replies Viktor :). You might want to consider this for MarvinView too (I gave up with MV and switched to JCfXL partly because of this inconvience "feature")