JChem 4XL Connecting to IDBS database

User 513547a164

28-11-2011 10:26:40

I seem to have some issues in connecting to an IDBS/Oracle database from JChem 4XL. I have followed the intructions in Managing Connections (TNS connection) but get no tables to choose from under the given connection. I believe I will not get structures as it is not a JChem supported database, but I thought I would get to see some of the data tables from that database.

From searching various ChemAxon forums I believe I need to configure the IDBS database to accept this link. Is there some "Oracle Client" set-up or configuration I should complete? Or do I need to create IJC tables from the IDBS database. Or is it only going to make connections to IJC or JChem databases?



ChemAxon 0e37943a96

28-11-2011 18:08:17

Hi Nat,

well, to be honest 3rd party cartridge support (Symyx and IDBS) was included in past releases but temporarily we removed them. We plan to reintroduce those as separate plug-ins at a later date.

The IDBS implementation was done only in code, it was not actually tested on a database instance. The main reason behind it that the company who originally requested it, did not need it any more.

In conclusion it is not in the product at the moment.

Best regards,