Problems with copy-paste

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16-09-2011 14:23:12


I am currently struggling to get acceptable cut-and-paste (for structure-containing tables in Excel) into other Office applications.  I am very keen to deploy JChem4XL more widely here, but will certainly struggle if ease-of-use underperforms compared to ISIS4XL's "copy with active structures".

After highlighting a representative SAR table, right-clicking, and choosing the "Convert" option, my observations for pasting into Word or PowerPoint are:

  1. Convert to Clipboard Shapes - Image Shapes:  Paste works fine

  2. Convert to Clipboard Shapes - Marvin OLE Shape:  pastes the structures partially on top of each other, with white backgrounds and black borders set (even if not present in the Excel table...).  Works fine with some manual un-grouping, etc

  3. Convert to Clipboard Shapes and Cell Values - Image Shapes:  Works ok if 'paste special' is used

  4. Convert to Clipboard Shapes and Cell Values - Marvin OLE Shape:  Again - pastes with appropriate "paste special" options, but same problem with overlapping, bordered structures, now sitting on top of the rest of the table

Where I have the biggest problem is not being able to paste into Outlook (default editor, HTML mode) - I do not see a 'Paste Special' option in this case...  I am sure I could get round this by using Word as the editor(?), but wondered if anyone had any advice on this, and on the overlapping, bordered OLE shape observations?

Also, is there a way of controlling the default 'paste format' to avoid needing to use 'paste special', or is this down to the Microsoft applications?

Final point - converting to OLE shapes seems REALLY slow - is this expected?

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16-09-2011 19:06:50

Dear James,

What you analysed is absolutely correct.

if you used Office 2003 the options you listed would work (Image and OLE, both), the only reason why this does not work with higher versions is that the new Microsoft approach does not support OLE anymore from Office 2007 and above.

For this reason we started implementing a custom clipbaord handling, which will come out in 5.6 JChem and JChemExcel version. If zou are interested in this area please check this post (PPT demo)

and please use this forum section to give us feedback in the future about the new Clipbaord (data transfer) module.

In 5.6 we are supporting the minimal feature set:
Word, PPT

in 5.7 or 5.8

we are adding more formatting and start supporting Excel and JChemExcel possibly from IJC,
and adding drawing options for the paste operation. 

Thank you for the feedback and your interest,