Problems with JChem for Excel 2010

User b85e2e3247

13-06-2011 19:04:05

I had a spreadsheet with a large amount of data produced by JChem functions in an excel 2003 workbook. After upgrading to 2010, my formulas did not initially work so i reinstalled JChem for excel and it worked (once) but now when I open my workbook there is no JChem tab like their was the one initial time it worked, and most of my functions do not work, giving the #VALUE error message. I do have the JChem functions in the drop down functions menu but no JChem tab.


Has anyone else had this problem?



ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

14-06-2011 11:23:37

Please try to manually enable the functions, or the addin itself, corresponding links here pasted: