Uninstalling Jchem

User a9d81ef06a

08-06-2011 15:47:49

Are there any instructions for uninstalling jchem from system

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

08-06-2011 16:21:36

Dear Andrew,

what do you mean exactly?

- JChem .NET API from the computer,

- JChem for Excel from the computer

- the addin from your Excel instance?




User a9d81ef06a

08-06-2011 17:28:34

All Three.

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

08-06-2011 17:37:51

Jchem .NET API is the basic component that is installed automatically by other higher level applications

like IJC, Marvin, JChemExcel. This library is reference counted so you do not have to take care of it since will be automatically unisntalled when the last reference is removed by any of these listed applciations.

There is one extra case if you installed it manually for programming purposes,which means that the reference counter is more with one. In this case you have to uninstall it manually.

JChemExcel, Marvin, Other have to be uninstalled by uninstaller program you can access from Add/Remove programs and say uninstall, like other normal applicaitions under WIndows.

JchemExcel addin can be removed by manually: uncheck the pipe from File meny/Options/Addins

- COMAddins -> uncheck JChemExcel.COMAddin

- Excel Addins -> uncheck JChemExel.AutomationAddin

You can reactivate them other way around (check the pipes in the check box)