Changing Structure Color after R-Group Decomposition

User f90da33c79

19-05-2011 16:07:40

Some of our chemists are interested in changing the color of the resulting structures returned after using the R-Group Decomposition functionality in JChem for Excel from red to black.  Can you tell me if this possible and how to do that?  We were unable to find such a setting in the JChem for Excel Option menu and the Excel 2007 functions didn't seem to change the coloring.  If this feature doesn't exist, would it be possible to have it added to a future release as a configurable option?


ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

20-05-2011 10:22:32

Dear Christine,

that is true, customization of couloring schema for R-group is not possible now, but will be in the next second upcoming release (5.6),

now the filtering functionality knows this (similar) feature.

Soon we are rolling out the 5.5, unfortuantely your request can go only in the next one because of that. I hope this is satisfactory for you.