JChem for Excel 5.4.0 functions in Excel2010 not active

User 102f1fc80d

03-01-2011 13:11:20


I have recently installed JChem for Excel 5.4.0 on top of Office 2010 and I can't get the JChem functions active in Excel.  The "JChem Excel Fuctions" option is unmarked in the "Manage COM Add-Ons" menu and no matter how many times I activate it, it will not stay clicked in.

Any tips?


Karolinska Institutet



ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

03-01-2011 13:28:18

Hi Lars,

is not imaginable that a failure occurs in that module and Excel excplicitly wants to ignore it?

Please send some screenshots about the COM and Excel addin settings in option.
And in addition to this, could you please check the

C:\Users\<Your user>\AppData\Roaming\ChemAxon\JChem for Excel\ and attach to the forum please for me to be able to have look at it too.


ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

03-01-2011 13:30:10

Hi Lars,

please have a look at this:


in the COM addin options the function automation interface needs to be unchecked.



User 4d1e43e1a9

14-01-2011 15:35:03

Hi Viktor,

Probably my finding is special, but I experienced something similar. After installing JChem for Excell I had the JChem tag at the top, and it was active when opening. But any button I pressed, after popping up the Jchem for Excel window for a second, the whole JChem table became inactive (grey).

I went through the whole process which you linked above, but no help. I decided to reinstall the program. I started the uninstall from the control panel, and to my greatest surprise it asked me to close Instant JChem in order to do it. When I installed JChem for Excel IJC was open (well, it's always open anyhow), but there was no error message. It went up smoothly but it didn't work. After closing IJC uninstall was successful. I reinstalled then using the same installer file, without opening IJC, and apparently it works fine (keep our fingers crossed).

Have a nice weekend,


ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

14-01-2011 16:04:17

Hi Dénes,

the main difference between Lars and your issue is that JChemExcel contains 2 different addins,

1 is responsible for JChemExcel functionalities GUI, whatever.
2 is responsible JChemExcel functions, calculations, and special functions for drawing.

Lars could not get 2. working, your problem is mainly related to the 1. one.

And you do NOT have loading issue (which Lars had) because JCHem menu is there,

if the addin or addins are not loaded, then JChem menu cannot be seen at all.

And Excel/Options/Addin drops the addin to inactive or problematical addins. If your JChem menu is greyed out, it means that addin was loaded but erro migth occured loading the further part of the applciation e.g. .NET, or other component. If you check the log files in

C:\Users\<Your user>AppData\Roaming\ChemAxon\ and find reported errors logs in the CXN Loader folder or in the JChemExcel zou might see that what

was the problem before you repired the application.

There are common components shared between these applciations please be careful that 5.4 JChemExcel possibly cooperate with 5.4 IJC and 5,4 Marvin.
At least make sure that 5.4 not to be overinstaleld with 5.3.8 and so on.






User ec10c44855

23-02-2011 20:27:12

I have  installed JChem for Excel 5.4 and followed the instruction for installation of Add-Ins.  But no matter what I do JChem is not showing up in MS excel 2003. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks,

Asim Debnath

User ec10c44855

23-02-2011 20:50:14

I have  installed JChem for Excel 5.4 and followed the instruction for installation of Add-Ins.  But no matter what I do JChem is not showing up in MS excel 2003. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks,

Asim Debnath

ChemAxon 0e37943a96

26-02-2011 08:22:37

Dear Asim,

sorry for the late reply. In general there is no manual configuration required after you install JChem for Excel, but it seems something went wrong in your case.

If you can, please send us a screenshot of your Add-Ins dialog. Could you also check whether the Jchem for excel Add-in is listed under disabled add-ins?


If you are familiar with Registry Editor, you could also check the existence of the following key:


Best regards,




User ec10c44855

28-02-2011 15:23:18

Hi Tamas:

Thanks for your suggestions. It was, in fact, in the disabled add-ins list. After I enabled JChem for Excel started working fine. Appreciate your help.