Combinatorial reaction on Jchem for Excel?

User d61d1784e3

29-10-2010 21:59:21

Hi. I want to do a combinatorial reaction on Excel.

I know there is a function called JCReactReactionStructure which works by selecting one molecule.

Is there a way to select multiple structures to do reaction?

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

02-11-2010 17:02:33

Hi Jong,


please check:

section: Reactor

e.g.; =JCReactReactionStructure(A1;A2;B1)
where A1 cell contains the generic reaction (template), A2 and B1 contain the specific reactants.
the result goes to the B2 cell.





ChemAxon 0e37943a96

02-11-2010 17:04:26


the function has multiple optional input parameters. You can select up to 4 reactants (note that Reactant3 and 4 are towards the end of the parameter list).

JCReactReactionStructure will give the resulting reaction, whereas JCReactProductStructure only the product.

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