Adding JC4XL functions from H drive

ChemAxon 89bfcec588

12-10-2010 14:30:51

Question regarding installation of JC4XL in MS Excel 2003 - 

The license is installed but in the automation servers list, JC4XL functions isn't showing in the
list. Looks like ADD INS can only happen if JC4XL.COMShim.dll is in the
C drive. Is there any other way that JC4XL functions can be added from
the H drive?

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

12-10-2010 15:46:15

Dear Anu,

I think it is not really acceptable to run COM components from remote (mapped) drive since they are registered locally in normal way.
However COM components know this thing to be registered remotely but dot net area is more sensitive against remote drives. So security issue will come immediatelly, the admins have to amend the executing policies in the dot net framework.

Questions, what errors did you get? JChemExcel toolbars are displayed? When you run one of the ation, did the toolbar go into grey (greyed out area)?