Active structures for users without JChem for Excel

User 8cbba88c0e

18-06-2010 10:31:32


I have been showing JChem for Excel to my colleagues and many of them have asked if the structures in the sheet could be saved in such a way that when the spreadsheet is opened by some one who doesn't have JChem for Excel, but does have Marvin Sketch, the structures could be opened and edited. Currently when we have tried this, all that is displayed in the spreadsheet are references to the structures and the formulas have the data for the structures. Images are displayed correctly on the worksheet.

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ChemAxon 0e37943a96

18-06-2010 16:47:06

Hi Bob,

there is an option to convert all structures to Marvin OLE objects (in 5.3.3). If you save the workbook like that. they will be able to open the structures in Marvin Sketch.

Later we also plan a more advanced functionality, which would also convert JCx functions to values.

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