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18-06-2010 08:35:54


I installed JChem for Excel on my PC and have my licence file installed on the C: drive. I have been showing JChem for Excel to some of my colleagues and when I am logged in everything is fine. However when one of my colleages logs in to the PC each structure added to the worksheet has #NAME at the bottom of the cell and the JChem functions are not available from the functions menu. Another colleage downloaded an evaluation licence and installed JChem for Excel on their PC - they can use JChem for Excel on their PC without any issues, but when they log on to my PC each structure added has #NAME in it and the JChem functions are not available.

Please can you suggest what the problem/solution is here?

Thank you

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18-06-2010 12:45:10

Hi Bob,

the issue is because normally the Automation Add-In part of JChem for Excel is installed only for the current user. Even this automatic registration is not officially supported in Excel, however we implemented a custom installer action to register it for the current user. It might be possible to write the registry settings for other users as well with an administrative privileges, but we will have to do some research about it.

This is how it works in Excel, we cannot change it.

Here is a description, how to do this manually: 

When this forum post was written, users had to manually do this, after the installation.

In the future, we will write and Administrators Guide, where we will describe this. I believe it would be possible to do this with automatic deployment.

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