JCMarkushEnumerationCount gives zero count

User 8cbba88c0e

15-06-2010 15:46:21


I am using JChem for Excel version and Office 2007.

When I try to use the JCMarkushEnumerationCount function, I get a result of 0 whichever Markush structure I use, but if I use JCChemicalTerms(cell ref, "markushEnumerationCount"), I get the expected result - see attached screen shot for an example. Am I using the formula incorrectly?

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ChemAxon 0e37943a96

16-06-2010 07:03:50


indeed. We will corect this in the next release, and include it in our unit tests.

We will also extend the unit tests to 100% coverage in this area, and review our existing test structure - result pairs.

Thanks for your report.