"Structure record not found for hash"

User f006038a17

11-06-2010 09:38:13


Frequently, some structures are replaced by the following sentence:

"Structure record not found for hash"

and no way to recover the structure.

How can I fix this problem?



ChemAxon 0e37943a96

11-06-2010 10:22:51


we had a rare case when we also experienced this issue. This happened when converting a smaller number of smiles (one or two) to structure combined with a cell not containing a valid smiles. In these case we updated the cells in a special way to be able to undo the conversion later. In 5.3.3 we removed this undo support, so it is working correctly now.

What actions do you perform after experiencing this error?

Could you send us a problematic workbook? You can also send by e-mail, if it contains confidential data.

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