Unable to construct the Marvin Editor control because su.awt

User bed555f662

27-05-2010 10:44:34

Hi i am getting the "Unable to construct the Marvin Editor control because su.awt.SunToolKit" when  you click the add button in excell cell it is displaying the  error ...please post the solution for that error


advance Thank you



ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

27-05-2010 10:48:52


Checking your problem, please let me know if you use the new 5.3.3 API?


User bed555f662

27-05-2010 10:52:59

ya..I am using the 5.3.2 API..


Thank you ...

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

27-05-2010 11:01:33

Are you using MarvinEditorControl.cs? This library went into JChem .NET API only in 5.3.3.
My suspecion is that .NET API contains and invalid lib version causing this problem ...
Let me check it out!


ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

27-05-2010 11:43:10

Dear Harish,

sending you a demo project with MarvinEditorControl working.

What you need to do is to install .NET API, Marvin Beans for Windows, or Marvin .NET all of them installs our API library.

Create a new project and on the toolbox please say browse, brows the JChem .NET API/ChemAxon.NET.Windows.Forms.dll, Visual Studio will automaticall extend your toolbox with MarvinEditorControl. You need to simply pull it onto your main form and run the  application.

(When you pull it on, Visual Studio will automaticall add 4 pieces of ChemAxon assemblies to your project, this step can be done by you manually as well)





User bed555f662

27-05-2010 11:51:42

Thank you for sending the file . iwll do that ...if any issue is there i will post that.


onca again thank you ...

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

27-05-2010 16:39:52


sorry I thought you are developer and wants to use the Editor from code. In this case please ignore the Visual Studio example  and check this post instead


you should upgrade your .NET Framework to 2.0 SP2 if you want to get rid of ikvm incompatibility issue.