Can't Import SD files with enhanced stereochem tags

User ba033e6d58

03-12-2009 15:25:50

I am using JChem for Excel 1.1.2, Office 2007, JRE 1.6.14, MarvinBeans 5.2.6

If I take an sd file that contains any structures with enhanced stereochemistry tags (and, or, abs), then it will not import at all into JChem for Excel (there is a could not recognize file format error).

If I take the same SD file and open it with Marvin Viewer or Marvin sketch, there are no issues with opening and viewing the file.

If I take the SD file in MarvinViewer and save it as a mrv file, I can then import the mrv file into JChem for Excel with no issues.

If I take the same sd structures and remove the tags, the file can be imported into JChem for Excel without issues.

It looks like the problem is a bug with sd files with enhanced stereochem tags can't be recognized with JChem for Excel.  Can this be fixed with the next release (and when would that be expected)?





ChemAxon 0e37943a96

03-12-2009 19:14:39

Hi Jean,

this is going to be fixed in 1.1.3. Not sure about the export, but the import definitely.

We will release on the 9th, next Wednesday. I will post the announcement about the date here in the forum, soon.

Best regards,





ChemAxon 0e37943a96

10-12-2009 07:06:01


the release will be delayed for a few days, until the 14th of December.

Best regards,