Applet/ in Jchem for Excel 1.1.2

User 6322e04060

02-12-2009 20:34:27


Can you please explain when to use Applet / / OLE or point me to the thread which explains the difference. We are having Jchem Marvin 5.2.6 software  but when we double click on a structure in Excel, it opens up the Marvin 5.2.4(default Structure editor in options is but after changing the option to OLE, we achieve Marvin 5.2.6. However, we would like to know if it is possible to use Marvin 5.2.6 using .NET or applet option.



ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

03-12-2009 00:29:47

Dear Wajahat,

yes, sure, let me try to explain the differences around built-in editors of JChem4XL.

For the first sight it looks an editor hell in Jchem4XL however the truth is that everything is all about a certain improvement and lifecycle of Marvin and .NET.

The first version (generation) of Jchem4XL molecule editor was the Applet, it is based on absolutely a pure java code of Marvin Sketch. Applet is a web based option, which is hosted in a browser dialog.

The only problem with it is that from java 1.6.14 Sun has changed the downloaded jar cache handling with breaking work of our Applet, obviously workarounds are available to get it working again from Java Console by clearing the cache, changing java applet running shell with options. But it is only a legacy stuff our first version of Jchem4XL came up with it and will be removed totally in the next version, its support is going to be stopped.

Our direction is breaking away a little bit from java to .net on WIndows platform in terms of editors.

The next possible option for you is the Marvin OLE, which is still based on Marvin Sketch java however it is more robust and based on COM (OLE) technology, you can use it for OLE copy and paste structures into other office application, and it is a basically cached multi-document editor, which is must faster than applet and more convenient for you. The first run can be slower because it invokes Marvin Sketch with its java host.
Next generation of Marvin OLE coming up with Marvin Sketch 5.3 (soon) is going to support antialiasing in Office embedding.

The best option you can choose is Marvin .NET, which is the .NET based Marvin SKetch with no java using pure WIndows based technology. Especially in the next release 1.1.3 will look much better and will work much more smoothly. 

The look and feel you experience in terms of editors is the same however technology behind is slightly different as explained above.

We are planning to support more external editors in the future, however either Marvin OLE or Marvin .NET, is quite a good option for data editing. Marvin .NET is being improved progressively release by realase and its OLE support coming soon.

 Best regards,