True static image for data exchange in JCHem EXCEL

User 677b9c22ff

13-10-2009 22:13:21


is there a function for a true static image, so I can send my file to somebody with OpenOffice and

he could see at least the structures used? I could the copy and paste special-->Value to create a static EXCEL file version. Defeats somehow the purpose but is used quite often. I used one existing image function but it still calls a COM function, so if I open it in a non JCHEM EXCEL environment it will just show errors.


Thank you


ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

13-10-2009 22:29:41


[In the next release the plan is to have a convert to picture or convert to OLE skecth function with which we could convert the jchem4xl structures to standard Excel sketches.

It would work similarly to convert to smiles and back to the structure being in the current release.]

What you can do now is to copy the selected strcuture as OLE from right mouse popup menu and say Copy Structure as Marvin OLE,

Marvin OLE is putting the Embedded OLE object onto the clipboard along with EMF picture and you can use Excel paste special meu and select emf picture. In this way you can freely move jchem4xl structures between Office applications. It is true for vica-versa, if you copy an OLE to the clipboard it can be pasted in JChem4xl as Jchem4xl structure, the program will map it in the target cell.

In batch mode (more than 1 structures) it will be done in the next release.


User 677b9c22ff

14-10-2009 10:02:53

Hi Viktor,

thank you, I currently go with the functions from Instant-JChem (that can also export static images or molconvert). I am looking forward to the new update.