JChem for Excel Version 1.1.2 Installation problem

User bc3eb0a599

29-09-2009 17:19:14

Hi All:

I'm getting an excel addin related error after installing JChem for Excel(1.1.2).

Error message is: "Excel experienced a serious problem with 'jchemforexcel jchemforexceladdin' addin. .... Do you want to disable this addin? Please see attachment for the whole message.

If I click on no to disable the addin, the Excel will load and the Jchem addin menu shows. All the icons and menu item are there, but clicking on any of them including 'Help' or 'License' the whole Excel program terminates.

I did have an older version installed before this and it was un-installed before I installed 1.1.2. I also re-started my computer after installation.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



User bc3eb0a599

29-09-2009 18:53:19

I found the solution. Apparently there was conflict between other addins and Jchem for excel addin. After disabling other addins, it worked.


ChemAxon 0e37943a96

30-09-2009 14:17:54



we would be interested in what Add-Ins were causing the problem, so we could check it out. If it is not public, you can reply in private ([email protected]).




User bc3eb0a599

29-09-2011 15:23:27

Sorry for the late late reply.

The other addin was something we were developing in-house and the addin was corrected. It no longer causes problem.