File import into JChem for Excel

User 47a3226b01

10-08-2009 10:56:57


I am trying to import a data file containing Smiles and Id's in the comma separated format into Excel. I am using the 2003 version of Excel and trying to import a file containing some 11,500 records.

I get as far as selecting the data file via the file import dialog box and after that, the Excel spreadsheet crashes without any error messages. It just disappears and I have no idea why.

Your help/guidance will be most appreciated.




User 47a3226b01

10-08-2009 11:18:48


I have found the cause of the problem, should have used space rather than a comma as field separator.

Many thanks..

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

10-08-2009 11:20:16

Dear Harkamal,


Couple of questions we would have to get closer to the solution...

Have you experienced the same problem with simpler files containing less data or containing different data? Simpler SD file or this problem happens progressively regardless of file content, record size?

What Office version do you use Office2003, Office2007? Operating system (XP, Vista)?

What version of Jchem for Excel are you using when importing?

Can you see any processing before the crash, normally a progress counter should be seen counting the processed records? Can you see the counter showing that some records have successfully been imported or has it crashed in the very beginning?

How is this data confidential, do we have a chance to test the product from code with small part of your data file? if you could copy and paste some records (2 or 3) possibly causing the crash?

If so you can send the file privately to our offical mail address:

Tamas Pelcz [email protected] and to
Viktor Hamori [email protected]

Many thanks,






ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

10-08-2009 11:29:22

Seems to have commited the answer almost the same time with your message.
I am closing this ticket then, however if you experience similar issue, please contact us anyway to be able to include the fixes possibly in the next release coming up early September.


Thank you,