jchem4excel 1.1.0 structures print smeary

User b505cabb69

03-08-2009 14:51:25

We created a spreadsheet with structures that when it is printed then the structures appear either smeary, overly light or overly dark.

We exported the structures as both SDFile and cxsmiles and reimported them, but this did not fix the problem.

If we export the SDFile and import it into IJCHEM and print then the structures look okay


jchem4excel 1.1.0, Window XP sp3, MS Office 2007/Excel


ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

03-08-2009 15:20:47

Dear customer,

yes, we switched to bitmap based printing in the current version

since Excel contains unfortunatelly a memory leak (Microsoft admitted) if we use EMF for structures in printing mode. However EMF is the proper format for printing eliminating your issues, in the August verion (1.1.2) we will reintroduce this again with a certain limit on number of structures on the printer otherwise the Excel can crash very easily by eating up the memory. This limit will not be much more than 6-7000 structures. If our users can accept this limitation we can revert and use EMF instead.

Andalso we will set this as a configurable option (BMP or EMF in print mode).

Either of this change will not affect the number of displayed structures on the screen.




ChemAxon 0e37943a96

23-09-2009 14:43:52



the printing issue is fixed in version 1.1.2.