Simpler versions of IJC & jc4xl desired

ChemAxon 89bfcec588

28-07-2009 21:39:37

Talked to Xiaojun Ji today. he is a great fan of our products. However -

A) The problems he is facing with jc4xl -

1. Not stable in vista and office 2007.

3. Crashes but works fine after loading.

4. Long downloading time.

He thinks with newer updates this can be resolved.

B) The problem he is facingĀ  with IJC is -

1. Large download time of IJC.

2. Sometimes smiles strings are not totally recognized in CSV files.

He recommends a small version of IJC, just like JME which also is free
and downloadable from internet. According to Ji, IJC is better in
functionality and would be preferred over JME which is being currently
used at MP Biomedical, if only download time is reduced and
capabilities limited to structure editing and searches alone.

I was wondering can we customize IJC for them?