JC4XL 1.0beta Structure Searching errors

User 2ddf1d2229

05-03-2009 12:02:26

I have successfully connected JC4XL to an older JChemBase database (v3.4 I think) which is part of our Kinematik eNovator ELN system - the chemistry data is stored in table EN_CHEMSTRUCT. I don't currently have access to a newer version of JChem I'm afraid.

I have attempted a simple structure search for naphthalene with the error result as shown in the attached file strsearch.png. I have also tried to enter a SMILES string in the Query Structure field (see file smisearch.png) giving a similar error.



Windows XP SP3, Office 2003 SP3, JRE 1.6

ChemAxon 0e37943a96

05-03-2009 12:40:26

Hi Andy,

we are going to extend our Known Issues document, because we are aware of this SO Exception issue.

This exception comes, with an Oracle JChem Base search, using a TNS connection (for us).

As a workaround, you could try a Basic Connection (you have to type in all of the connection parameters).

However unfortunately it is not going to work, because Jchem for Excel uses JChem Base 5.1.5 at the moment.

Newer version of Jchem Base databases are more compatible with each other.

Best regards,


User 2ddf1d2229

05-03-2009 13:37:34

Thanks for the reply Tamas, I'll see if I can get a spare server set up with a newer version of JChem Base...



User 2ddf1d2229

05-03-2009 13:58:13

Oh, and just to confirm that the older JChem Base doesn't work, I changed to a non-TNS connection and got the expected result as predicted by Tamas, see attached...