Cannot convert Smiles into structure in Jchem for Excel

User a0cdded560

19-07-2016 10:22:31

There is a scientist who cannot convert Smiles string in her Excel into structure. i can do it successfully in my PC with the same file she provided. And attached is the settings of JChem add-ins in her Excel. Can anybody advice what might be the cause of this issue?
The OS is Windows 7 32-bit,MS Office 200732 bit, Jchem for Excel is JChem_For_Excel_15.11.1600.389.x86.

ChemAxon a3dda216df

19-07-2016 11:38:09


On your screenshot ChemDraw for Excel Add-In is checked in, this might cause issues, so please try again From SMILES conversion after disabling this add-in.

On the other hand, I would like to have a few questions:

-what is the version of JChem for Excel on your PC, where the conversion works? Is ChemDraw for Excell add-in checked-in there as well?

-what happens exactly when your colleague wants to do the conversion, any error messages appear or simply nothing happens?



User a0cdded560

21-07-2016 08:45:59

Hi Anna,


Sorry for late response. i didn't get reply from the scientist after i suggesting her to check off the ChemOffice add-ons. i assume that her issue has been resolved...

we both are using JChem_For_Excel_15.11.16, it worked on my PC, but not on hers. There was no error message, just nothing happened after clicking the "From Smiles" button.

ChemAxon a3dda216df

25-07-2016 07:17:37

Thank you for the details, it's good to know, the issue has been resolved, but let us know, if you have any additional comments.