Structure Conversion Issues: JChem for Office

User da6c6e8415

30-06-2016 15:17:26

In Excel I was able t convert SMILES to Structure. A few days ago I was able to successfully convert Structure to Image and share with colleagues. Today conversion of Structure to Image pushes the Image to the bottom right of the cell and obscures part of the structure. It also does not appear that bond lengths and widths are standardized on the conversion of Structure to Image as bonds in some structures are clearly longer and heavier. Any advice on how to fix would be appreciated.

In Word conversion from SMILES gives an image where part of structure is not visible (truncated) within image window. Can double to see full structure, can edict and return to windows however structure is similarly truncated in image window (see attachment)

In PowerPoint conversion from SMILES give proper image in PPT. Copy image to Windows structure is fine until I click to edit and return picture to windows. This gives same effect as converting SMILES to Image in Windows.

I've three ChemAxon products installed in this order, separated by a few days each:

Marvin Beans

JChem for Office (License)

Instant JChem (License)



ChemAxon 990acf0dec

07-07-2016 12:07:05

Hi Jim,

Can you please tell me:

- your OS version and your MS-Office version and bit version

- the version number of your JChem for Office

- the JChem for Word settings you have in Options > General > Image Formatting > Image Size

- the JChem for Word settings you have in Options > General > Structure Display > Preferences-Display > Fixed Scale

Thanks an best regards,