Error Message: Could not open structure editor!

User 84db570ab0

30-03-2016 17:35:17


A user just updated to Office 2013.  We are using JChem for Excel 15.8.31.

While troubleshooting we uninstalled all of JChem Suite & JChem for Excel.

The error message that comes up is attached


User is unable to view structure due to a Protected view of the JChem Structure sheet.


Please Advise.




Eileen Tompkins



ChemAxon 0e37943a96

31-03-2016 09:12:27

Hi Eileen,


is the worksheet where the user is trying to edit the structure protected, or you mean the hidden sheet where we store the structures. That hidden sheet is protected, and we protect and unprotect it from code to avoid unintentional changes.

Does the error some with one specific workbook, or it is not possible to add structures to a new workbook either? 

If it is a specific workbook, would it be possible to send it to us?

Best regards,