To Marvin Ole in Exel not working

User d032b79802

29-03-2016 08:59:18

Win 10, Office 2013 (32 bit), JChem4Excel Version 16.3.2100

When I try to convert a structure to Marvin Ole nothing happens. The conversion to the Image is working.

Also, with VBA the function ConvertToOleAction is not working. I need this gaget urgently.

This conversion is not working for the last few new versions.

Thank you for your help in advance.

With kind regards,

Peter Schneider

ChemAxon 0e37943a96

30-03-2016 08:24:44

Dear Peter,

this issue is under investigation and hopefully it will be fixed soon. We will notify you as soon as the fix will be released, here in the forum.

Best regards,