IUPACName formatting

User 8688ffe688

05-02-2016 16:45:17

We have discovered that JC4XL IUPACName function is not correctly formatting the text of superscripts.  If I set the cell to Times New Roman font, the base text font is correct (Times New Roman) but the superscript text changes font style other than Times New Roman.  The expected behavior when I set a cell to a specific font is that all the text in that cell is that font style.  Additionally, we have discovered that consecutive superscripts that are separated by a comma, have the comma placed at the level of the base text instead at the level of the superscript.

ChemAxon cbb451ac1e

08-02-2016 10:07:35

Thank you for reporting. We are working on it, will get back to you when fixed.