Name2Structure add-in

User fc7298d40d

17-11-2015 20:47:04


We have a internal name2Structure plug-in to covert internal ID to structure in Office document.  However, after launch Marvin.Net to edit the structure, the function is gone.

ChemAxon 2e7d8629fa

19-11-2015 21:00:15

 Dear Zhaowen,


We are working to fix this problem. Hoperfully the next release will contain the patch.


Best regards,


ChemAxon 990acf0dec

23-11-2015 16:12:11

Dear Zhaowen,

We have found the source of this issue: The MarvinSketch display settings initiated inside JChem for Office became independent from the file: either the local JChem for Word/PPT/Outlook options (in case of Add) or the ones stored in the JChem for Office object (in case of Edit) are set to MarvinSketch, and therefore the Name import service stored in the file is not read into the user settings. The fix will be released in version 15.11.30.

ChemAxon 990acf0dec

02-12-2015 18:13:15

Hi Zhaowen,

So now the loading of the name to structure external service stored in into JChem for Office is officially supported :) Please update to 15.11.3000 to get it back.

Best regards,