No add-ins working or ribbon

User e3129404f6

22-09-2015 10:39:00

I recently installed JChem for Excel on my Windows machine.


The installation seems to have worked, but there is no JChem tab in the ribbon, nor are any of the addins active. When I try to activate them, there is no option to (nor on the COM menu).


When I click the "EnableJCXLAddins" Batch file, I get a dialogue box which quickly gets a response in red text but then closes immediately.


I have  done a complete reinstall and a repair and the issue has not been solved.


Any help would be greatly appreciated,



ChemAxon a3dda216df

22-09-2015 11:16:45

Hi Andy,

Please, send us your exact Windows, Office version (2010 or 2013, 32 or 64-bit) and JChem for Excel version. Please, check if your Office bit version matches the JCXL version you tried to install (eg. on 32-bit Office you should install 32-bit Excel version).