JChem for Excel suddenly causing Excel to crash

User 33bb15df0b

16-09-2015 18:16:32

I've been using JChem for Office for the past couple of months. This morning, the JChem Excel add-in started crashing Excel. Other JChem for Office add-ins are working well. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the software to the latest version without success. Repairing the Excel installation also didnt work. There was a Microsoft Windows security update (KB3081455) that was applied today / last night. I uninstalled it, but the problem persists. The current versions  of the software are:

Excel: 15.0.4753.1002

JChem for Excel: 15.8.3100.2859

Does anyone have any suggestions?

User 33bb15df0b

16-09-2015 20:10:41

This is the error in jcxllog file:

09:12:59 [1]ERROR JCHEMforEXCEL - Newer version of DirectX than 11 is not supported.

ChemAxon 990acf0dec

17-09-2015 08:39:28

Windows10 is not yet supported with Office2013 or higher:


We work on the solution, so it will hopefully be released soon.

User 8688ffe688

16-10-2015 17:42:15

Upgraded to JC4XL 15.10.1200.283 on Excel 2013 32bit and I'm also experiencing stability issues.  I get 10 minutes of use before Excel crashes.  I'm working on a file with 309 molecules.

ChemAxon 990acf0dec

19-10-2015 06:41:55

Hi Matt,

Do you use Windows 10? What is the issue you experienced?

Best regards,


User 8688ffe688

19-10-2015 16:16:29

Windows 7 64bit.  Excel 2013 crashes.  I did find a work around for this problem by turning off the structure display, so I suspect it is something related to drawing of the structures as I scroll down.

ChemAxon a3dda216df

20-10-2015 11:21:45

Hi Matt,

Could you, please, send us a few more details about the steps of your workflow? Or is it possible to send us the file you are working with (if it doesn't contain confidential data)?

BTW, we have a known issue with dialog handling, please check if setting the following option from False to True could help:

General/Structure Drawing/Structure Drawing Behaviour - Excel Dialogs

Hope this helps, but let me know, if the issue still exists.

Thank you,