Accessing other users' tables

User fd07dcb633

19-02-2015 20:42:25

All of my Oracle database tables are stored under another users' hierarchy. Consequently, I have changed the option for "Show Other Users" to True and now I can successfully access other users' tables from within the full "Import" interface.

However, I cannot access other users' tables from either the "Import by IDs" nor the "Associate IDs" (which is setup in the options interface). In these later two instances, the drop down section box for Tables is always empty -- which makes sense since my user account does not own any tables. is there a way to access other users' tables through either of the later database interfaces?




ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

19-02-2015 21:55:58

I am afraid this is a limitations now since we have taken out support of other users.