JC4XL Assocaited Data Exporting Issue

User a18e201107

18-02-2015 14:57:50


After no issues with JC4XL for some time I started experiencing a very strange issue when exporting data, all the associated fields are being exported with the following value:  "-2146826273".

This happens whether or not I import an SDF file or create one in Excel and then export it.

I have updated my windows 7 system to the latest patches, and I also installed the latest version of JC4XL in hopes of resolving the issue (15.2.900.2325),  I have had JC4XL installed on my PC for over a year without issue, and I had not installed anything new in the past few weeks that I believe would have affected excel.

I am attaching a sample screenshot of what I entered into JC4xl and then the resulting exported SD file.  






User a18e201107

18-02-2015 14:58:21

Adding screen shot attachment

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

18-02-2015 19:42:29

Hi Dennis,


as we discussed if the issue comes next time please let us know. For the time being I am closing this ticket with unreproducible flag.