JChem For Excel not showing structures in Cells

User a18e201107

06-12-2014 14:41:38


I have Jchem4Excel 14.10.2700.1233 (64bit) installed on a Windows 7 machine SP1 64bit, Excel 2013 64 bit v15.0.4667.1002 but I cannot see any structures in the cells.  The Windows machine is a VM (virtualbox).

If I click on a cell it simply shows the "=JCSYSStructure("D1234AB43992EBB")" in the cell.  I can convert to SMILES as well as Image and back, but still no view of the actual structure.  Same is true when I import an SD file.  

Thank you for the help.


ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

06-12-2014 20:36:12

Hi Dennis,

VMs is supported only if you have Windows8.1, 

Windows 7 is supported only on physical machine.



ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

06-12-2014 21:19:56

This is a VM limitation, d3d video drive emulation is not perfect under VM.

On physical machine both Windows7 and Windows8.1 are supported.

On VM only the Windows 8.1 is for that reason.