Atom symbol mis-aligned in JC4O in Word

User fc7298d40d

23-10-2014 14:18:58

Hi, There,

The atom symbol are way out of place in the structures.  Could you please take a look at the issue?  Thanks.


ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

23-10-2014 16:04:06

Hi Zhaowen,

this is a known issue in the IKVM layer of .NET, how java calculates the string size and position in the device context is different from what .NET does and knows.

Particularly we have a workaround solution to it, which will be in the next 14.10.27 or 14.11.3 upcoming releases.


Anyway thank you for your test,


ChemAxon 990acf0dec

07-11-2014 14:30:06

Hi Zhaowen,

We improved it now. It is still not perfect in very low resolutions (small image sizes or small excel cell sizes), but I think it is much better now. Could you please try this with the 14.11.300 release and inform us if it is acceptable for you or not?

Thanks and best regards,