Issue with JChem for Excel 2013

User 4b8753ebcc

19-09-2014 23:30:43


JChem works for me not properly with Excel 2013.

I installed JChem for Office 14.9.1500.793x64

It works with Word and Powerpoint.

If I try in Excel to open a sdf file or to convert a text or smiles to structure, excel starts to load JChem for excel addin.., and excel is not responding anymore.

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windows 8 pro

office 2013 64-bit

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

20-09-2014 13:23:17

Hi Michael,


please try to upgrade your windows 8 to windows 8.1 (which is the service pack 1 for windows8).

JC4XL drawing has become operating system dependent because Micrososft changed the rendering strategy from Windows "Forms" to DirectX inside Office.

Possibly your DirectX component is outdated. Please check this d3d11.dll in your system, it has to be the 2014 June version at least,



User 4b8753ebcc

21-09-2014 08:27:07

Hi Victor,

after the upgrade to Windows 8.1 it works.

Thank you once again for your very quick and competent help.

Best regards