Issues with JChem for Excel tab

User 743d5b2cb9

28-08-2014 15:49:26


I am experiencing some issue with JChem for Excel. It has been working fine with the latest version (14.8.1100.592x86) until this morning. Although JChem for Excel loads into Excel and the correct tab is present, when I click on any of the functions from the JChem tab (incl. help and licenses), all the functions become disabled and greyed out. No structure are displayed on the Excel spreadsheet.

There are no obvious disabled add-ins. I have tried to downgrade to an older version that is working for one of my colleague ( but I have the same issues.

Running Windows 7, Office 2010, Version 14.0.7128.5000 (32bits)

Many thanks


ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

29-08-2014 11:07:44

Hi Michael,


do we have a chance to check your machine through a GTM session?

Possibly you got a Microsoft update yesterday and from that point possbly the loading of addins or something like that has changed.


Could you please confirm that [until this morning] the assumption is valid regarding a new MS update patch?


And please let me know the time frame when we can meet.


Thank you,


User 743d5b2cb9

29-08-2014 13:01:07



You are correct that I believe we have had a MS update yesterday. We can indeed have a teleconference. Are you free within the next couple of hours or Monday?