Dual application error ActivityBase & JChem. KERNALBASE.DLL

User 247f922b2c

22-03-2014 21:27:10

Encountering an odd issue with multiple users within our organization.

We have users running IDBS ActivityBase version 7.4.4. Part of that application is the "Plate Creator".  Whenever they have any product from ChemAxon installed (MarvinBeans, JChem, JChem for Excel), we are getting an application crash in KERNALBASE.DLL.

The only way we can get them to be able to use Plate Creator, is to uninstall all ChemAxon applications.

User machine we are testing with:

Windows 7
Office Standard 2010
ActivityBase 7.4.4
Plate Creator 7.2.0
JChem for Excel

After discussing this with IDBS support, they have come to the conclusion that ChemAxon is locking the KERNALBASE.DLL and is not allowing their application access to it.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

23-03-2014 13:25:50

Hi Eric,

we do not use KERNALBASE.dll, what is that? Do you mean KernelBase instead?

I do not think we lock a system dll, the operating system itslef locks the system dlls because ther are in use when the operating system is up and running.


I would like to help with my best knwoledge but the approach and problem seems to be complex and wierd.

We need to somehow localize the issue better, e.g. please try to uninstall JChem for Excel first and keep MarvinBeans or JChem installed and so forth and each uninstallation step you need to try out your app, if it is crashing.

Or you can disable JC4XL addin or SharedAddin in Office ... without uninstallation.

Which application is crashed? Office Word, PPT, or Excel?


User 247f922b2c

24-03-2014 18:57:29

Hi Viktor,

I apologize.  I mistyped the name of the dll.  It is KERNELBASE.DLL.

The only program that crashes is Plate Creator from IDBS.  No Office applications crash.  However as I was doing some troubleshooting, I uninstalled all ChemAxon applications, and Plate Creator worked with no problems. As the user I am working with only needs JChem for Excel, I installed that, and immediately plate creator crashes.  The error log is attached, and you can see it's an issue with KERNELBASE.dll.  I tried simply disabling the addins, rebooted, same crash occurs.  It only stops crashing after uninstalling ChemAxon applications.

Please note that this is not a single user, but many in our organization.  As I stated, I worked with IDBS and they noted that "Issue observed because JChem is blocking the Plate Creator application from accessing KERNELBASE.dll."

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

24-03-2014 19:08:08

Hi Eric,


thank you for the report. Please try to disable CXNSharedAddin as well.

Quick question, when the Plate Creator application is running what other programs are alive?

Excel? Does Plate Create interacts with Excel, exchanging data? If the host Office application (Excel) is not running, how can JC4XL influences Plate Creator? What is the link between Plate Creator and JChem for Excel really?

Is Marvin OLE running, Plate Creator is using Marvin OLE? MarvinOLEServer is available in running  processes (Task manager). If you kill Marvin OLE, will the Plate Creator crash?

Thank you,