AddStructuresToColumn() format options?

User 1ccd233681

13-02-2014 15:10:38

Hi all,

I am adding structures to an excel worksheet using AddStructuresToColumn(...) through the COM interface from vb.NET code.

Currently I am transferring structures using the "MOL" format like this:

myInterface.AddStructuresToColumn({myStructure.Representations.Represent(MoleculeFormat.MOL).StringData}, "mol", 1, System.Type.Missing, workbook.Name, worksheet.Name, 1)

However, i would like to start transferring structures which contain coloring and other advanced formatting options (of the type created by the HitDisplayTool and the JChemMolecule.Calculations.GetHitColorStructure, etc.)

So my question is two-fold:

1. In general what format types can be used with AddStructuresToColumn(...) and what are their corresponding identifier strings (i.e. molfile->"mol")?

2. Of these allowable formats, which is preferred for transfering structures with coloring, etc.?


Thank you.

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

13-02-2014 15:48:12


please use MRV,

MRV can transfer the colours properly.