Issue with JC4XL 6.2-Excel 2013 64bit

User a18e201107

11-02-2014 21:29:56


I am currently running 64bit Office/Excel and just installed the JC4XL plugin (JChem_For_Excel_6.2.0.954.x64.exe) but Excel keeps crashing every time I try to use any JChem functionality.  When it restarts I get the following error:

Excel is running into problems with the 'jchemexcel.jchemexceladdin' add-in.  If this keeps happening disable this add-in and check for available updates.  Do you want to disable it now?

Perhaps I am incorrect in assuming that JC4XL is supported in 2013 office?  Do I need some sort of update for Excel?  

I am on a windows 7 SP1 machine with 64 bit OS, also checked that .NET 3.5 SP1 is installed (I think this is automatic with win 7 SP1 and greater)

Any help would be appreciated to get this up and running.

Thank you 



ChemAxon eb65a25631

12-02-2014 09:24:07

Hi Dennis,

You should install all the latest Windows updates (the security updates too), and all the available Office updates.

(Excel 2013 x64 version on my machine is 15.0.4535.1507)




User a18e201107

12-02-2014 15:45:59

Thank you Andras- it looks like my computer updated office last night (I should have realized there would be 50 updates for excel already!).