OLE Display Issue in J4Excel

User 8139ea8dbd

23-10-2013 23:39:32

Option: Structure Size 150x150, Fixed Scale 10, Mono Chrome true
CSV File attached.
First choose SMILES column, use From SMILES, get correct structure.
Then choose "To Marvin OLE Shape"
Notice the structures becomes colored and it seems Fixed Scale 0 is used.

Similar behavior, if I do Copy Table to W/PPT and paste into Word as Marvin OLE.


ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

24-10-2013 06:57:55

Thank you, possibly this is not a new issue. I will forward it to the Marvin team to priorize.

On our side the fix will be available (in 6.2) for the Copy Table to PPT/W because we changed and reused EMF generator to generate the OLE image. If you do not see the problem in the case of Convert to Image then you will not see the problem in the case of Copy to PPT/W either.

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

24-10-2013 08:44:52

Forgot to mention the reason why OLE picture looks differently, because it has an autonom rendering reapplying the Marvin settings instead of the JChem for Excel settings.

User 8139ea8dbd

24-10-2013 17:19:26

I got different results when I retry it today.   All OLE objects were the same high and use spaces outside the cell.  I can on longer get the OLE objects I got yesterday.