JChem4Excel with Crossover (on Mac)?

User 2ca05a7f4e

18-09-2013 08:09:37

Has anyone (succesfully) tried to get this running on a Mac using Crossover? Net framework and Excel run under Crossover afaik.

Currently I am using VirtualBox with Win7 and Excel, but due to limited resources of the sharing (processor, memory), it is too slow to use for larger files in Excel, especially with structures. Hence, a Crossover version sounds quite attractive.


ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

18-09-2013 08:15:35

I am afraid Mac and CrossOver is not supported.

Maybe the O365 support will solve Mac and other users problem next year ...


User 2ca05a7f4e

18-09-2013 08:45:06

Thanks. I still wonder though if "someone (not necessarily chemaxon) tried it anyway and it does(n't) work"?

I could live with an unsupported solution, as long as it works...

ChemAxon eb65a25631

23-09-2013 08:40:23


We never tried and have no information about it.

You can try if you are curious, but we don't support this scenario, and I'm skeptical about that it would work.